Crush Your Conversion Rate With These 5 Strategies

Get More Customers & Up Your Sales

Crush Your Conversion Rate With These 5 Strategies

Most website conversion rates hover around 2%, which means that for every 100 visitors to your site, you can only hope to get two customers. That’s like dieting for a year and only losing five pounds! Take a look at these five proven strategies for kick-starting your conversion rate and discover how you can lose all the weight you want!

1. Dump Excessive Form Fields – When you have too many fields to fill out on a form, it quickly puts visitors off and stops them from filling the form out at all. Make sure you only include the bare essentials.

2. Use Pop-Ups – Make sure you have pop-ups that pump your performance by trying several different offers and seeing which one works. Make it obvious how to close the pop-Page 4 of 11up, and don’t forget to include a 30-second timer on each so it doesn’t bother visitors along with a cookie so it only shows up once per use.

3. Cut Out All Clutter – Short, sweet, and simple is generally the best approach with your website content. There’s little as frustrating as a distracting website, so help your visitors get where you want them to go by focusing their attention.

4. Use The Power Of Proof – Visitors are unlikely to be convinced by what you’re selling without proof, and the best kind is testimonials and reviews from past customers. Make sure your visitors have no reason to doubt the value of your product or services with this simple mechanism.

5. Simply Your First Step – Visitors are much more likely to follow through if the first thing you ask them to do is really fast and straightforward. So, don’t immediately ask them to fill out an entire form – rather just ask for an email address.

Start boosting your conversion rate right now with these five easy strategies!