Grow Your Business With Better Marketing

Semrush Agency Partner Arizona: Growing Business With Better Marketing

Grow Your Business With Better Marketing

Did you know that half of all small businesses in the US don't have a digital marketing plan? Are you a small business in Arizona ready to take your company to the next level? If so, then you need to harness the power of digital marketing.

Don't worry if you're confused about where to start with digital marketing. Or, perhaps, you've already started and found yourself frustrated from weak results. Keep reading to see how a certified Semrush agency partner in Arizona can help you grow your business today.

Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

If you’re trying to grow your business by marketing online then you’ve probably run into problems knowing what to post and when. That’s why having a marketing strategy is so imperative to growing your business with digital marketing.

Never before have you been able to directly reach your customers like you can these days through social media. But if you’re not creating the content that moves your prospective customers through their customer journey then you’re wasting your time.

Your marketing strategy outlines who your target audience is and how you’ll best reach them. You can’t be on all the platforms all the time so your strategy guides your team so they can focus where they’ll be the most effective.

Just like you didn’t start your business without a business plan, you can’t start to grow your business without a digital strategy. Take the time to map out your plan before you waste your time and money posting the wrong content on the wrong platforms.

Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing Tools

Once you have your plan in place, it's time to get to work. And to do that you need the right tools to get the job done well. We encourage our clients to use a powerful research tool such as Semrush so they can get the best results possible as they grow their reach online.

You can supercharge your digital marketing by taking the time to research both your customers, your competition, and your keywords. This will enable you to create the right content that speaks directly to your current and potential clients.

There are three main ways we encourage our clients to focus their digital marketing plans for maximum business growth. They are keyword research, competitor research, and tracking the results from their efforts. Let’s dive into each task one at a time.

Supercharge Your Content With Keyword Research

Too many business owners have heard the myth that keyword research is dead and they don’t want to use a keyword research tool. However, the truth is that the old days of keyword stuffing are dead.

These days, if you want to rank on the first page of the SERPs then you need to know what your customers are searching for online. Then you can create the content that answers those searches better than anyone else online.

When you do this, you’ll bring in new clients every day and you’ll see your business grow exponentially. But how do you create the best content that will rank at the top, that’s where competitor research comes in.  

Get a Leg up on Your Competitors

In the first section, we outlined the importance of getting to know your target audience. Now you need to get to know your competitors. It can feel difficult to find your competitors in the crowded online space.

That’s where a tool such as Semrush can become invaluable saving you countless hours of research. In the brick and mortar space, your competitors used to be any business within a certain radius of your storefront offering similar products or services. In today’s online world you might be competing with a business across the country or around the world.  

And using Semrush you can narrow your research to the exact companies and websites you’re competing with for that coveted top spot on the SERPs. Take the time to see what keywords they’re ranking for and where the gaps in their content are. Then you can focus on creating better content than your competitors and filling in those gaps.

Track Your Rankings

Don’t spend your precious time creating the perfect strategy and then executing with amazing content only to never come back and track your results. You need to take the time to monitor where you’re ranking for each keyword and what content pieces bring in the most traffic to your website.

You also want to track which platforms bring you the most traffic that eventually converts to buying your product or service. Once you see where your target audience is coming from you can further narrow your focus and spend your time where it matters. This will increase your ROI and grow your business without spreading yourself too thin.  

Work With a Semrush Agency Partner in Arizona

As you can see there is a lot of work that goes into crafting amazing content to help grow your business. And these three are only the top tasks that will move the needle, there is still plenty more that needs to be done each day.

Most of our clients come to us after trying to do everything themselves. They’re tired, they’re frustrated, and they’re looking for help from an expert. If this is you also, then consider working with an all-in-one marketing agency.

When you work with an expert digital marketing partner in Arizona such as Eikon Labs you know that you’re partnering with someone who cares about your success. You’re not a number with us, we want you to be proud of your website and your online content.

If you’re ready to grow your business and bring on new customers then it’s time to work with a digital marketing agency. We will work with you to create the right strategy for your business. You’ve got a business to run, it’s time you get back to your business and let us focus on your marketing.

Grow Your Business Today

It can be hard to market and grow your business in the online space. But the good news is that you don't have to do it alone. When you work with a certified Agency Partner you get an expert with extensive training so you know you're getting the most from a valuable tool such as Semrush.

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels and start seeing results then it's time to work with a Semrush agency partner in Arizona. Reach out to us today and let us show you how we can help you create the best strategy for your business so you can grow to the level you've always dreamed it could be.