The 4 Stages For Building A Superb Sales Funnel

Your Guide For The Best Buyer’s Journey

The 4 Stages For Building A Superb Sales Funnel

Leading your customers down a buyer’s path so they reach the end of it is not as simple as it seems. You may think that your website clearly directs customers where you want them to go, but often, websites feel like a job interview where you’re expected to make your way through a conversation filled with hidden traps. So, check out the following steps you need to follow to make sure your sales funnel succeeds more often than not!

1. Amplify Awareness – This is the stage at which your prospects are exposed to your products or services for the first time. You can complete this stage through social media, Google searches, or word of mouth, but what’s important is that you have enough scope to make your brand as visible as possible to the most amount of people.

2. Make Them Feel Interested – This is the point at which people will do the necessary research to find a solution for the problem they’re facing, so you need to draw them to your product or services with content that is highly relevant to their context. They haven’t yet settled on a specific solution, so now’s your chance to convince them that what you’re offering is the best option.

3. Drive Them Towards A Decision – Once you’ve persuaded your prospect that your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for, it’s time to make sure they actually decide to opt in to what you’re offering. You need to make sure your solution sounds irresistible when compared to the other alternatives.

4. Attract Them Enough To Act – This is the final stage in the sales funnel where you turn a prospect into a customer by giving them the opportunity to act and purchase your service or product. At this point, your interaction will need to go beyond a purchase since you need to keep the customer coming back for more. You need to think about how you’ll retain your customers, and this can involve expressing gratitude for the purchase, sending them information about similar purchases, or asking for feedback so they know you care about their experience.

Start structuring sales funnels that deliver results!