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Web Design
Webflow Development
Developed a mobile-responsive design to ensure the website is easily navigable on smartphones and tablets, catering to the on-the-go lifestyle of their target clients. Enhanced the presentation of wellness benefits and treatment options, providing clear, accessible information on health advantages.

The Client

IV League specializes in mobile IV therapy services, offering treatments like hydration, immune boosts, and recovery aids directly to clients' homes or offices.

Before Eikon Labs

Clients experienced difficulties with the online booking process, leading to missed opportunities for treatments.

Not having a website and relying on booking platform only, hamstrung effective presentation of the range of IV therapy benefits, potentially confusing clients about which treatment to choose.

After Eikon Labs

The introduction of a mobile-responsive website design catered to a larger audience, accommodating the growing trend of mobile internet usage.

The streamlined website with integration with booking system provided a seamless experience for scheduling appointments, directly contributing to an increase in service utilization.

Revitalizing Wellness: IV League's Comprehensive Digital Enhancement

Eikon Labs' collaboration with IV League transcended a mere website overhaul; it was a strategic move towards enhancing every aspect of the client's digital footprint. By making IV therapy services more accessible, understandable, and easy to book, they not only improved operational efficiency but also significantly broadened the impact of IV League's wellness mission

“The CEO is brilliant, efficient, and communicative.”




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