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Loopr Marketing

Developed a new website for Loopr Marketing, enhancing online presence, attracting B2B tech clients with advanced SEO, and customized features.
Web Design
Webflow Development
Analytics & SEO
Designed and developed a new website for Loopr Marketing to enhance its online presence and attract B2B tech clients. Implemented advanced SEO strategies and modern web design to improve visibility and user experience. Customized features to align with Loopr Marketing's services and industry expertise.

The Client

Loopr Marketing is a PR and marketing agency focused on enterprise tech companies, providing services such as media relations, content development, paid media, and digital marketing.
  • Increased website traffic and search engine rankings due to effective SEO implementation.
  • Enhanced user engagement and lead generation with a modern, intuitive website design.
  • Improved presentation of services and client success stories, boosting credibility and conversions.

Before Eikon Labs
  • The website had an outdated design and lacked effective SEO, limiting its reach and engagement.
  • Navigation was cumbersome, making it difficult for users to find relevant information.
  • The site struggled to showcase Loopr Marketing’s expertise and successful campaigns effectively.

After Eikon Labs
  • A visually appealing, user-friendly website that improved navigation and user experience.
  • Enhanced SEO strategies leading to higher search rankings and increased traffic.
  • Clear and compelling presentation of services and success stories, leading to increased client inquiries and conversions.

Transforming B2B Tech Marketing: Loopr Marketing’s Digital Revamp

Eikon Labs’ comprehensive redesign and development of Loopr Marketing’s website significantly boosted their digital presence. By implementing modern web design and advanced SEO strategies, the new site effectively showcases Loopr Marketing’s services and industry expertise. This transformation has led to increased traffic, higher engagement, and more client inquiries, solidifying Loopr Marketing’s position as a leader in B2B tech PR and marketing. For more details, visit their website: Loopr Marketing

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