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Loopr Partners

Developed a new website for Loopr Partners to enhance digital presence, showcase expertise, and align with strategic goals.
Web Design
Webflow Development
Designed and developed a new website for Loopr Partners to enhance their digital presence and showcase their expertise in fundraising, M&A, and publishing advisory. Implemented advanced functionalities to improve user experience and streamline information access. Customized features to align with Loopr Partners’ strategic goals and market positioning.

The Client

Loopr Partners specializes in fundraising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and publishing advisory services for the video game industry, connecting clients with financial investors and strategic acquirers globally.
  • Enhanced online visibility and user engagement due to an intuitive and visually appealing website.
  • Improved client inquiries and conversions through clear presentation of services and success stories.
  • Streamlined navigation and information access, leading to higher user satisfaction.

Before Eikon Labs
  • The website lacked a modern design and effective presentation of Loopr Partners’ services.
  • Navigation was cumbersome, making it difficult for potential clients to find relevant information.
  • The site did not effectively communicate the firm’s expertise and market positioning.

After Eikon Labs
  • A modern, user-friendly website that effectively highlights Loopr Partners’ expertise and services.
  • Enhanced navigation and user experience, leading to increased engagement and inquiries.
  • A clear, compelling presentation of success stories and client testimonials, boosting credibility and conversions.

Elevating Gaming Industry Advisory: Loopr Partners’ Digital Overhaul

Eikon Labs’ redesign and development of Loopr Partners’ website significantly enhanced their digital presence, aligning with their strategic goals. The new website features an intuitive design, improved functionality, and a clear presentation of services and success stories. This transformation resulted in increased user engagement, higher inquiry rates, and better communication of Loopr Partners’ expertise in the video game industry, solidifying their position as a leader in fundraising and M&A advisory. For more details, visit their website: Loopr Partners.

“They are a tactical, multi-talented, creative, and lightning fast group. Working with Anebi and the team was a dream come true. Not only did they take the time to truly listen and understand our needs, they made edits where necessary and executed in a way that I haven't seen in the industry.”



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