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Experience the Future of Home Entertainment: Double the Vision, Double the Fun with Telly's Dual-Screen TV
Web Design
Webflow Development
Developed a bespoke high-performance website for Telly, showcasing its innovative dual-screen TV product and meeting the demands of high traffic surges on the website

The Client

Telly introduces a revolutionary dual-screen TV, combining a 55” 4K HDR Theater Display with a Smart Screen, offering an enhanced home entertainment experience.
  • Increased user engagement with an interactive and visually appealing website.
  • Enhanced functionality and user experience through seamless API integrations.
  • Higher conversion rates due to an intuitive layout and effective presentation of Telly’s product features.

Before Eikon Labs
  • The website lacked a cohesive design to showcase Telly’s innovative technology effectively.
  • Limited functionality due to the absence of advanced API integrations.
  • Challenges in communicating the unique value proposition of Telly’s dual-screen TV.

After Eikon Labs
  • A sleek, user-friendly website that effectively highlights Telly’s dual-screen technology.
  • Improved functionality with custom API integrations that enhance user interaction.
  • Clear and engaging presentation of Telly’s product features, leading to higher user engagement and conversions.

Revolutionizing Home Entertainment: Telly’s Advanced Digital Platform

Eikon Labs’ collaboration with Telly resulted in a cutting-edge website that perfectly complements Telly’s innovative dual-screen TV. By incorporating custom API integrations and various customizations, the website now offers an engaging and seamless user experience. This digital transformation not only highlights Telly’s unique product features but also drives higher engagement and conversions, setting a new standard in the home entertainment industry. For more details, visit their website: Telly.

“The turnaround was excellent and the design really elevated our presentation. Everything was well done and consistent with our brand book."


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