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Redesigned WestWorld of Scottsdale’s website, enhancing user experience, event info accessibility, navigation, and adding pages for facilities and services.
Web Design
Webflow Development
Redesigned and developed WestWorld of Scottsdale’s website to improve user experience and event information accessibility. Created new pages to highlight the venue’s facilities, events, and services. Enhanced the navigation system for better user engagement and ease of finding information.

The Client

WestWorld of Scottsdale is a premier event venue in Arizona, offering over 300,000 square feet of exhibit space and 11 arenas, hosting a wide range of events from horse shows to auto auctions.
  • Increased user engagement and lower bounce rates due to improved site design and navigation.
  • Enhanced event and facility visibility leads to higher event bookings and inquiries.
  • Improved user satisfaction with a more intuitive and informative website.
  • Increased organic traffic and search engine rankings through better content organization and SEO practices.

Before Eikon Labs
  • The website had a cluttered design, making it difficult for users to navigate and find event information.
  • Limited presentation of the venue’s capabilities and facilities, reducing user engagement and interest.
  • Suboptimal SEO and content organization, leading to lower online visibility and traffic.

After Eikon Labs
  • A user-friendly, visually appealing website design that enhances navigation and engagement.
  • Comprehensive new pages detailing the facilities, events, and services offered by WestWorld.
  • Improved SEO and content organization, leading to increased online visibility and traffic.
  • Enhanced user experience, resulting in higher event bookings and customer satisfaction.

Showcasing Versatility: WestWorld of Scottsdale’s Digital Transformation

Eikon Labs’ redesign and development of WestWorld of Scottsdale’s website resulted in a significant enhancement of their digital presence. By creating new, detailed pages and improving overall site design and navigation, Eikon Labs helped WestWorld better showcase its extensive facilities and diverse events. This transformation led to increased user engagement, higher event bookings, and improved customer satisfaction, solidifying WestWorld’s status as a premier event venue in Arizona. For more details, visit their website: WestWorld of Scottsdale.

“The turnaround was excellent and the design really elevated our presentation. Everything was well done and consistent with our brand book."


Executive Chairman


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